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dragon sex story

2009-09-25 14:58:41 by lucky223

When humankind first made contact with aliens, they had no idea what was in store for them. Gone were the dreamy aspects of man-kind as they were thrust head-first into a galactic war, although when the aliens landed everyone was shocked. For these aliens weren't the strange creatures made out in book or games, these aliens were Dragons. They asked for human help in their war, willing to supply technology and training for help fighting the war.
The Dragons explained their enemies as a ruthless killing creature, intent on killing all life for they believed that any other form of life was an abomination on their Universe. They called themselves the Freyn. The humans united with the Dragons and began to push back against the Freyn, locking the galaxy in a struggle for dominance. This was where I came in.

I was a simple technician on a large ship heading for another section that was being overrun, my shipmates consisting of mainly humans but a number of Dragons as well. I had to admit though, those dragons were as impressive up close as they were on the recruitment posters. They stood on their hind legs, wings and tail hanging behind them whilst they worked. Their large claws delicately working the controls, monitoring what came up on screen. The Dragons wore pants only, to help the Human crew flow nicely with them. They're form was quite impressive.
A series of growls came from behind me, one of the Draconian crew (a red), issuing orders to another technician. The translator within my ear began working,
"The targeting system is off by point two of a degree, I need that fixed before entering combat or we could hit an ally by mistake." The translator put a male touch to the voice, indicating that the Dragon was male.
"Yes sir!" The man scurried off, nearly running into another person walking the other way.
I turned back to my work, doing maintenance on the wiring within the walls. Even lights had to be kept running. A clawed finger touched my shoulder.
"You can go, you need rest." The Dragon said. I nodded and put everything away, closing the panel behind me.

As I walked into the eatery the smell of cooked meat hit my nose immediately. One thing was true about Dragons, they loved their meat. I grabbed a human portion and sat down at a chair, using my fork to eat. There was something else about Dragons that had also made me curious, I had often wondered what their scales felt like. If they were like a snake's or if they were like a crocodile's. I wondered if the different colors made a difference too. I was surprised when a couple of Dragons sat down next to me, talking in their language of growls, as I was too far away for my translator to make out until they came closer.

"I just wish someone would make space travel quicker, because this is ridiculous." A green said on my right, with a male voice. "We have been out here for months and all we have to show for it is a few blown energy relays and an uptight crew."
"I know," The blue next to me said, the voice being female. "It gets rather stressful with all the repairs being conducted. Your kind's help is beyond words though." It took me a second to realize they were talking to me.
"We do what we can, besides you opened up the stars to us. A year ago we were only still dreaming of it." My voice sounded unusually calm for what I was feeling.
The Green Dragon laughed, making a strange coughing growl. "Well, we wouldn't be here to give you that chance if you didn't help us."
I just smiled, enjoying the fact that I was talking comfortably with two Dragons. "What's your names?" I asked.
"I am called Zefanrac." The Green said first.
"I'm Phaelis, and you?"
"Where do you work?" The blue asked.
"I work everywhere along the ship, maintaining lights and other electrical equipment."
"Really?" The blue shifted a little closer to me, I could smell her scent which was actually quite pleasant. Almost like a grassy hill after rain. "I have a light out in my room and need it repaired, do you reckon you could come and do that?"
"Sure, I start work again tomorrow at... Um... Well by my time it's seven o'clock. I'm not sure what your time is yet."
"I was thinking that you could do it now," A claw touched my leg, under the table out of sight. My heart leaped, it didn't help that blue was my favorite color. "before your shift starts tomorrow."
I had an idea of what she wanted, and to be honest, I was very aroused. It took me a second to answer her back, "Sure, I think I can do that. Just show me which light." I put my food into the recycler and followed Phaelis to her room.

It wasn't too far away to my relief but as she invited me in my heart began beating faster and I couldn't stop it. Phaelis' room was well lit and very small, much like his own. It had a bed and a set of drawers as well as a table and a couple of chairs. The chair looked strange, meant of accommodate a Dragon instead of a human.
"I have always wondered why humans clothe themselves. Is it because they are afraid of what's underneath?" She asked.
"No. In fact, I'm not quite sure why we bother myself." I answered, looking at Phaelis now. She had removed her clothes and was putting it on the table. I shifted nervously.
"I think it is because that you feel vulnerable without them, that somehow you can hide yourself within them." She moved closer to me, her smell enveloping my senses. "We hide nothing of ourselves, and I have always wanted to know about your kind." She ran a clawed finger down my chest, she was surprisingly gentle.
"What do you want to know?" My voice almost quivering. She looked my in the eyes and smiled.
"Be quiet and I'll show you." She walked into me and pressed her mouth to mine, holding me. Her tongue slid around mine, it felt as if a was a large snake kissing me. Her sharp teeth were a concern at the beginning but she was careful. I touched the scales on her sides, surprised by how warm they were and how my hand seemed to glide over them. She took her mouth away from mine and lifted my shirt over her head, looking at my body. She kissed me again and moved me over to the bed, my hands moving to her wings. As soon as I touched them I could feel how much she was quivering herself, whether from anticipation or from nervousness I couldn't tell.

She turned me around and let go of me as we reached the bed, Phaelis lying down and gesturing to me to come closer. I took off my pants, letting them fall at my feet. I looked at her figure, her scales becoming smaller as they came closer to between her legs until they were imperceptible. The end of her tail flicked from side to side, her wings spread out.

"I think it fair for you to know, that I've not been with one of your kind. Though the thought had crossed my mind many times."
"Really? Well I'll be gentle for you. Now come here." She reached out her tail and slipped it around my waist, pulling me closer. I ran my tongue up her legs, tasting her. She moaned approvingly, guiding me up her body. As I came up to her clitoris I stopped, and thought to tease her a little before starting. I ran my hands around her, licking everywhere but where I knew she wanted me to be. I was still surprised at how soft her scales were, and how they seemed to feel like nothing as I got closer to her cunt. I gave in to my want and started licking it, the taste like a greater sensation of her. Her tail twisted around me, holding me closer, and her wings shuddered with pleasure. She gripped the bed around her, obviously enjoying the sensation. As my tongue explored around the inside of her I could feel her tighten.

Then Phaelis pushed me off of her and said,
"Let me return the favor." She pushed me onto the bed and sat on top of me, her form absolutely stunning, her scales shimmering in the light. She lowered her head and began to lick me, her tongue sliding around in places I thought were going to make me explode. Surprisingly I didn't though she obviously tried vigorously. She removed her mouth from me and made her way up to my face, her's right above mine. She lowered herself onto me, not putting me inside her yet.

I wondered how long she would wait, but she started kissing me again and tightened her tail around my leg. I ran my hands over her body, feeling her breasts as she ran her claws over me.
I could feel my dick rubbing against her cunt and I wanted so badly for it to be in there, though I knew that the waiting was half the excitement. Phaelis must have noticed it too for she ran a hand down to our hips and grabbed me and started rubbing my dick against her, getting me close to being inside her but then moving me away. I lost all sense of where I was, of what I was supposed to be doing. I lost myself in the moment.
She lowered herself onto me then, putting me inside of her. We both shuddered at the pleasure being sent through both of us. I rolled Phaelis over onto her back, her wings wrapping around me to hold me closer and her tail squeezing my leg even tighter. She wanted me all to herself, and that was what I was going to give her. I leaned closer and kissed her again, leaving my member inside her but not moving yet. We both enjoying the moment all too much.

"I am going to show you something that I have been saving." Phaelis said, and with that she began to clench her muscles within her cunt. I almost came then, holding myself back with an extreme force of will. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I was though, as I started to make noises. She rolled me over onto my back, still holding me within her wings, and shifted side to side on top of me. Then she began to lift herself from me and came back down forcefully each time clenching her muscles within her cunt as she came back up. She never stopped kissing me as she kept this up, my hands squeezing her body. She moaned deeply with pleasure as I couldn't hold myself back anymore. My body shuddering with pure pleasure, my breath coming in ragged gasps. As I looked back at her face I could tell that she had come at nearly the same time as I did, I could feel the tail nearly crushing my leg and her wings holding me as close as possible to her body. We both just sat there for a few minutes, or for more I couldn't tell but I enjoyed the moment all too well. As she slid herself off of me I felt as if my life was coming to an end, I didn't want to leave her side.

"That was incredible." Phaelis said after a moment. "You humans can last far longer than any Dragon. I have never had sex like that in ages."
I was barely in a state to answer, the only sounds coming out of my mouth being, "Murrgh.." Phaelis smiled at that and whispered in my ear,
"Would you stay with me until morning? Although I am surrounded by Dragons and Humans here I feel so alone."
I looked into her eyes and realized what she was asking, unbelieving that I was feeling the same. "Yes, I will stay with you. Nobody should feel alone." I wrapped my arms around her and held her closer to my body. She held herself closer to me as we lay there on her bed wrapped in each others arms. There would be killing soon and I would see some of my friends die, but I would do anything to make sure that this one Dragon, this one person in my life, would stay safe.
"Stay safe." Was the last thing I said to her before falling asleep in her arms.


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2009-09-25 20:21:07

That was soo long, but really good

lucky223 responds:

ty i got more


2009-12-06 00:20:54

wow my eyes hurt from reading but it was worth it


2012-02-21 00:44:18

Wonderfull story, I love the romance aspect of both of these. Would you mind telling me where you found these? I would love to read more.


2014-08-18 19:37:15

Please!!! Where did you find it??? Must have more!!! These stories are HAWT, thinking about them is making me sweat again...