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its been a long time

2013-03-01 00:55:42 by lucky223

Its good to be back. im just lucky i still knew the password

its been a long time


2013-02-28 23:56:43 by lucky223

yum yum yum yum :P


"It'll be just like when we were kids." Misty said as she came out of the bathroom. Her tight little red latex nurses uniform showing off her curves. When she bent over to pick up her bag the skirt rode up showing off her black lace underwear.
"If you dresses up like that to go trick or treating as a kid you had one weird family?" Jex looked over and gave her a little smirk just before going into the bedroom to get her costume. It was a witch costume she had bought from an adult shop downtown. It was about one size too small and if the right lighting hit her she'd practically look nude. She put on a dark blue matching bra and panties set and then pulled the paper thin nylon dress and pinned the hat to her hair. She had considered spraying her white fur green for the look but decided against it. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at how the nearly see through material that was strategically darkened over her breasts and at a point just below the waistline so her naughty bits weren't readily seen. She posed there and considered taking off the underwear. As she stood there she slid her hands seductively over her body, when she felt the lines left by the tightly fitting lace she decided then and there. A few minutes later she was walking hand in hand with Misty down darkened streets, her nipples poking through the nylon dress with nothing to hold them back and the cool air moving freely over her sex.
They made their way to a street with a lot of houses on it instead of apartment buildings. Walking along they saw kids just finishing their most recent raid of sugar and moving on to another block. They settled on a small house with a hedge fence and a short path lined with solar powered lights. Judging by the lack of toilet paper and eggs there was someone home who was playing by the rules.
Soon they walked up over the steps to their first house. Misty rang the doorbell then stood back and waited for someone to answer. Soon the door opened revealing a middle aged tabby holding a large bowl of candy. The two girls chimed in at the same time with "Trick or Treat." He slowly looked up and froze in place, glancing back and forth between the two of them. Then Jex brought him around.
"So, what's it going to be, tricks or treats?"
"Ah?" Jex laughed a little. "Ah trick then?" She leaned over and gave Misty a kiss on the lips while she was cupped on her breast.
"Uh..... Huh." He just stood there and blinked a couple of times. "Treats."
Misty leaned in and took a box of raisins and Jex picked up a sugar candy bracelet. As they turned away they saw him still standing there watching them go down the path, arm in arm. Jex leaned in and whispered in her ear "I like your way of doing this, but I hope we're not just looking for candy."
"You have no idea." she said with a laugh. "I'm just doing this to kill some time till we get to the trick or treating party."
"What? You're taking me to a party and I didn't know about it?"
"Well, party isn't so accurate a description as, well." She paused and considered something "You'll love it. Trust me."
"You're starting to scare me."
"Then that'll be my trick on you." With that she ran up another path to another one of the houses.
* * *
It really wasn't any trouble to get a cab dressed like they were. The trip was short and Jex saw that they had arrived at a small hotel on the outskirts of town. There were cars all over the parking lot and a sign lit up on the street that read PRIVATE PARTY TONIGHT. INVITATION ONLY "You got us into an invite only party out here?" Jex thought of every slasher movie she ever saw (which was only two of them) and sized up the surrounding secluded highway and dark woods. "Christ, it looks like they could be making a SNUF film out here."
Misty laughed, paid the cabbie and then got out. "Trust me, you'll love this." She led the way up to the front desk and spoke with the man at the desk for a few moments. Then she turned around with a loot bag in hand. She looked at Jex and winked. "So lets see what we've got here."
When Jex looked in the bag she nearly fell over. There was a hotel key, a flier, a couple sets of different colored glow sticks, different sized condoms and lube. "What the..." She picked the flier out of the bag and looked it over. 'Welcome to the 2nd Annual Halloween Swing Meet' was what it said. She continued to read, 'The main salon has been converted into a dance bar/games room for tonight. Anyone in attendance should note the color chart for the glow sticks. Red: opposite sex, Blue: same sex, Green: anything goes. Please don't be shy since the entire hotel has been booked for this event and all of the grounds that are publicly available are yours to play in. Also at 10pm the Adult Trick or Treating will begin. Remember to have fun and be safe. "A swingers club? That's why we're here?" She blinked in disbelief.
Misty winked as a reply and hung a blue glow stick around her neck then stuffed her plastic trick or treating pail with some of the bags "goodies". "What, you didn't think I had it in me?"
"I just wasn't expecting it is all." she smiled and hung a green stick around her neck as well "But I am very happy with the surprise." Her eyes drifted over a trio of Clydesdale dressed as firemen, all wearing red sticks. "I just can't wait for ten o'clock to come."
"Ten o'clock or those studs?" Misty asked in obvious mockery.
"Either one is fine by me." They then went to the main salon which was decorated with orange and black balloons and streamers. Inside there were furs of every sort and age group wearing every imaginable sexy costume. After a quick shot at the bar they were on the dance floor, strutting their stuff and sizing up what was on display.
Before they knew it the lights went out and a voice boomed over the sound system "It's now 9:45. The Adult Trick or Treating will soon begin. Anyone who wants to give out some treats please proceed to your rooms. All those who want to go on the prowl stay right where you are." A pre recorded laugh echoed around the room as strobe lights simulated lightning strikes. The crowed erupted into a triumphant cheer as they were left in near darkness, their bodies lit by their respective glow sticks.
When the lights came back on Misty leaned in and spoke into Jex ear "I'm gonna head up to our room. How about you?"
"I think I'm gonna take a walk around and see what treats I can find."
"Well don't come crying to me when you get slimmed by a ghost."
Jex just laughed and called out "Who ya gonna call? Nutbusters!"
* * *
Misty lay reclined on her bed. It was a cheap lumpy thing but good enough for what it was going to be used for. She had hung a sheet on her door with a "female" symbol on it to give let those who were looking know what she wanted before they knocked. Her heart was pounding with the excitement of not knowing who was going to come looking for her or if anyone would. She nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knock at her door.
She got up and looked through the peephole, spying a petite wolf in a Little Red Riding Hood costume with a bondage collar and restraints. When the door opened the canine gave the latex clad rabbit a long look from toe to head and seductively said "Trick or Treat".
"Well, what can I give to this little cutie?" Misty asked as she leaned on the door frame in the sexiest way she could manage.
"If you're giving me a choice of my treat how about a taste of your pussy?"
Misty took hold of the wolfs collar and pulled her in through the door. She kissed the canine deeply and ran her hand over little red's ample breasts. They were bare under the cloak, in fact all she was wearing was a dark red corset and a pair of thigh level boots. As they kissed their way to the bed the wolf eased Misty down on the bed. "So, who's name should I be calling out?"
"Flora." the wolf breathed out as she licked her way down between Misty's breasts. She pulled the zipper down and pulled her breasts out of the nurses outfit. Her tongue slid around her hard as rock nipple and then over to the other one. Bit by bit she also pushed up the skirt on the dress. Misty's eyes shot open and she gasped as the wolf's tongue slid over her clit. Her hands instinctively shot down to the wolfs mane of silver hair, intertwining her fingers through it and gripping in tight. The wolf groaned in pleasure as she licked around her sex in a teasing way. Now that Misty had felt the pleasure of her tongue directly on her she was yearning so badly to feel it again. Then she heard something in the basket.
It was a sight buzzing sound. Misty looked down and saw a long slender pleasure wand. It was being guided to her in an intentionally slow and agonizing way. She wasn't going to simply lay back for this. She sat up and took hold of her partner by the arm. "Oh no you don't. You're going to get that one, but only after you tongue me off." She pulled Flora up over the bed and took the lacing from the corset then used it to interlace her wrist bindings with the headboard. Then she mounted her face in a 69 position. "Get me off and I'll give you everything you want." She blew over her pussy and gave it a little kiss to tease a little more. Again she felt the rhythmic lapping at her clit. Every pass of her tongue sent another waive of pleasure through Misty's body. She moaned out in pleasure and eventually she reached under her body and parted her lips, exposing herself fully to her captive.
The wolf shifted so she had better access to the rabbit girl. She was now lapping up her wetness that was flowing freely and coating her muzzle. Misty planted her hands on Flora's hips and raised her upper body again. The wolf drove her face into her pussy as hard and as deep as she could, continually licking and sucking at her sex. She was getting close to her orgasm, just a little more stimulation and she'd climax. Then she felt herself tipping over the edge and into a loud, screaming orgasm. She felt Flora's tongue continuing to work at her while she kept climbing into another orgasm on top of the one she was already having. If she kept up she'd actually squirt. "Don't stop Red. Don't stop tongue fucking me." She felt the wolf pick up her speed again and then she felt what sent her over again. A slight sensation of pointy little teeth on her clit. She came so hard that she ejaculated all over the canine's face. She collapsed on top of her and writhed as she kept licking. It was unbelievable how much she was doing down there. If she didn't stop she'd pass out. She had to pry herself off of her captive.
Shaking from head to toe she crawled over Flora and went down on her where she couldn't reach. The wolfs pussy was as wet as her face from all the wetness. The fur was stuck off in every direction and she couldn't help but admire her anticipation of pleasure. Misty leaned in and slowly licked from the base of her pussy to the tip of her clit. Her tongue held in place on the sensitive spot till she plunged the vibrator inside her.
Flora pulled against her restraints and screamed out. For the first time Misty noticed just how many other cries of passion were bleeding through the walls. Well no time to think about that, there's a girl right here to please. She gave long hard licks that started on the shaft of the sex toy and moved mercilessly over her quivering little pussy. When she was on the verge of cumming Misty backed off and pulled the vibrator out.
"Ohhhhh? Please don't stop."
Misty placed a hand just above her slit, "My oh my. I'm baffled over how much you can demand when you're tied up." She then touched the running vibrator to her inner thigh.
Flora whined out loud. "Please don't let it go. I'm begging you. I'll do anything you want. Just make me cum!"
Misty leaned down and lightly kissed her between her legs. "Oh the fun I'm going to have with you tonight." She said little else for the next hour. It's hard to talk and lick at the same time.
* * *
Jex wandered the halls of the hotel. As she did so it was little wonder to her that the place took such a risky reservation. The place looked like it didn't do much business and when it did it wasn't the kind that paid well. All the same the place was wild tonight. A couple of panthers dressed like a butler and maid were having a slow missionary on the couch on the third floor between the two elevators while a kung fu rabbit lay on his back in the middle of his room enjoying the head session he was getting from a vampire vixen. They hadn't even closed their door before they started. Both parties were tempting to join but she had something else on her mind. As she travelled she found many couples, threesomes and full on fur piles all about the building but not one sign of her heavy hooved quarry. Finally she decided to give up and head back down on the first floor to see if she could luck into a little otter action at the pool (she'd never had anyone go down on her underwater before).
Walking past the gym she entered the swimming pool and saw the three firemen standing in a circle around a red vixen with blonde hair. Her magician costume was all but gone and now she was working more magic wands then she knew what to do with. Jex grinned to herself and approached. "Excuse me, but do you mind if I join in?" she asked as she leaned on one of the men's shoulders.
The vixen looked up at her then at the three enormous members that were pointed at her. "Sure. I could use some help here." she immediately went back to work orally servicing one of them. Jex peeled her costume off over her head and took a reddish mained man by the hand and sat him down on one of the benches at poolside. Right away she started licking him from his base to his tip. She marvelled at how it felt to have over fourteen inches to play with. She easily put him between her tits and sucked on his head, massaging his balls the whole time. Feeling his pulse in his cock she could tell that he was far from his peak and that suited her just fine. She saw the vixen go over against the wall and present herself to the black haired one of the group. He didn't take long to start pushing his impressive girth inside of her. In turn she didn't take long to start crying out in passion.
The question of where the third one of the men had gone hadn't even crossed her mind when she felt a finger slide inside her pussy. She groaned around the red's cock in response and stood up a little to allow him easier access to her. She felt a steaming hot member against her opening. This guy didn't waste any time. She then felt her walls stretching around him. It was almost an unbearable pleasure.
The one in front of her then stood and pushed himself into her mouth. The motions of the one behind her shoved her repeatedly deep onto the red maine's cock, again and again till she felt the one behind her pull out. She waited to feel the hot splash of a male orgasm on her back but instead she felt him turning her around so her first choice could have a go at her slit. She lay on her back on the bench and watched as the white mained horse fucked her tits and every so often gave her mouth a little exercise. All the while she could feel the rhythmic pumping motions of Mr. Red driving her to her limits.
A yell of relief echoed around the room. Out of the corner of her eye Jex saw the vixen take a cum shot on her face. She was literally drenched in it. There must have been close to a litter of cum on her face and breasts, then another spurt brought still more. Then she realized with horror that the one that was doing her chest had a drop of pre cum running down his head and was dangerously close to blowing his load all over her.
In an act of desperation she lunged her head forward and wrapped her mouth around him sucking and licking the last of his endurance away. He came hard and fast. She had to swallow faster then she thought possible to keep up with all the semen he spewed into her, and still it was not enough. She felt it running out of the corner of her mouth and over her cheek. Below she felt an explosion of the same sort fill her to her capacity and then so much more. It blasted out of her pussy and ran down her ass, pooling up on the bench around her. It was more then she could handle.
As she orgasmed the cock popped out of her mouth, spewing more cum onto her face in large thick waves while still more spilled out of her sex in wave after wave. She felt too good to care that she was covered in cum. Even better was the fact that both the men kept thrusting and pumping out cum till they were soft and she was very well satisfied.
When Mr. Red pulled out of her she felt a flood of his seed pour out of her, adding to the impressive pool that had formed around her already. She lay there panting and wiping cum from her left eye. Now all she wanted was to curl up and sleep. She looked at her two partners and asked "Would you like to come up to my room for a little after sex snuggling?"
"What do you say Charlie?" asked Mr. White
"It sounds good to me. But I can see you're still ready to go." As he said this his eyes moved over Jex body again. Clearly he had some other designs for her in mind.
"Hell yeah! I'm nowhere near done and now that I've blown my load once tonight I'll last that much longer on the next girl." He said as he scooped up his jacket and helmet again.
It was only fair Jex thought to herself as she staggered to her feet. It wasn't like they were there to make lasting relationships and at least she had one of them coming back with her. Also she couldn't help but wonder how Misty made out for the night. Something told her there were going to be a couple good hours of stories in the next day or so 772630922 r

*Knock, knock, knock* "Hey Steve get up!" A deep male voice emanated from behind Steve's bedroom door, rousing the sleeping german shepherd from his slumber. Barely opening his eyes, Steve groaned wearily as, he rubbed the morning crust from his eyes. Turning his head he peered through the dimly lit room to his clock on his dresser; the light glowed a faint red as it turned from 6:30 to 6:31 a.m.

"Ugh . . . it's too early to be awake. . ." He groaned pulling the covers over his head. Steve's breathing was slow and steady as he slowly drifted back
into his interrupted dream; the sound of his father turning on the main bathrooms' shower could be heard beyond the shepherd's bedroom wall.

On the brink of returning to his sleep the clock went off with a sudden loud beeping that brought Steve back all too soon from the rest he wanted to get back. Letting out a low irritated growl he threw back the covers as his eyes shot to the source of the noise and a paw came down on it with a dull thud silencing the sound.

"Looks like I'm awake now," he grumbled. A scowl painted across his face as he rose from his bed. Pausing for a moment, he considered throwing on some clothes other than the boxers he was wearing, but tossed the idea away before tiredly walking over to his bedroom door; muttering a few choice words at his clock as he did so, then made his way to the kitchen.

Morning's sunlight shown dimly through the blinds above the sink and bounced off Steve's white furred chest and stomach as he grabbed a bowl from one of the cabinets that hung on the wall from one end of the kitchen to the other.

Nabbing some milk and a box of cereal, he made his breakfast, and plopped himself in one of the few chairs that sat around a large table in the middle of the kitchen. Steve sat there quietly, listening to the birds outside awaken and chirp away; the sounds of his father in the shower ran through the house like a steady beat on a drum.

Time slowly ticked by, and the tiredness slipped away from Steve's mind; a small reminder of what today was scratched and clawed its way to the surface of his mind.

"Hey, today's my birthday!"

Steve's father chuckled walking down stairs. "Yea it is. How'd you forget about that?" Steve looked up watching his dad button up his light blue police officers shirt; a slit of light flickered off of a small gold plate with the name
"Adam" on it.

"Yea well, I just woke up so my brain is waking up still." Steve chuckled lightly while his dad walked over into the kitchen and made himself the same generic store brand cereal breakfast he was having.

Mentally comparing the two as his father sat down, and started to eat. Steve noted that he was considerably not as strong as his father but made up for it for his years on the track team, only to get a trim and nicely toned figure. The muscle definition he had was almost barely noticeable save for light hitting his torso at just the right angle. His leg muscles were well toned and his calves showed the power his legs held with every flex of muscle.

His dad's physique on the other hand was far different than his own. His father had strong, broad shoulders and semi thick forearms. He had very well toned and defined features from his training that led him to be quite the opponent in any hand to hand skirmish.

Even their fur patters were different; his body was white from his chest to his stomach, while brown covered almost the entirety of his form save for the black saddle that resided on his back. His father's fur was a creamy brown on his chest, stomach and lower muzzle; while black fur wrapped around his upper muzzle, shoulders and back.

"So how do you feel turning 18?"

Steve shrugged in response to the question. "Meh, I feel the same as I did yesterday"

"Is there, by chance, something you'd want me to pick up for you while I'm on my way back home from work?" An almost evil smirk started to cross Adam's muzzle as his son began drinking the left over milk in his bowl.

"Maybe a dildo with a fat knot on the end perhaps?" Steve almost spat out the liquid in his mouth when the words his dad said reached his ears as the fur on his cheeks started to turn a light pink.

"D-DAD!" He barely managed to cough up wiping some milk that had dripped down his chin while his dad laughed to himself.

"What? It's not like I don't know what you look up on the net . . . and from how loud you talk in your sleep." The pink blush on his son's face almost instantly deepened to a dark red as he averted his gaze from his father and fixated his eyes on the marble table. Steve kept his eyes focused on the table as he kept quiet not knowing what to say as thoughts raced through his mind.

"Oh god what do I do? What do I say? How long has he known?" The sound of his father pushing back his chair, and the soft footsteps of him walking over to his son broke the silence that fell between them. Steve flinched when he felt a paw grip his shoulder, he prepared for the worst.

"Hay, don't worry ok? I don't care who you like I just want you to be happy with who you are and with your decisions you've made. You know I'll always love you, and if your mother was with us she would too." His father spoke with a soft and caring tone and he knelt by his son.

"Whenever you're ready to talk to me or whatever you want to do, just know I'm here for you ok? Now," Adam took his hand off his son's shoulder and started making his way to the front door.

"I'm hopefully going to be getting off work early today ok, and no searching for your gifts because they'll be with me till I get back."

"OH!" Adam stopped as he swung the door open, "I like those pics you saved on your computer. You can pick out some sexy looking guys!"

"Don't burn the house down and don't go having a party while I'm gone!" He hollered before leaving; Steve sat there dumbstruck, his mind processing what had just happened. He heard the sound of his father's car pull away and drive off. "Wait . . . what?"


The day seemed to pass by after his father had left; his words still running through Steve's mind, like a train that refused to desist. One phrase of which that stood out among the others, "how loud you talk in your sleep" replayed itself over and over and over until a sickening knot had made itself known in the depths of his stomach.

Anyone else in his position would have been embarrassed as hell, but one thing separating them from him was the fact he has had very vivid and quite intimate fantasies of him and his father that would be repulsive to others. The thought of his father overhearing him in his sleep while having one of these fantasies made the knot tighten and churn even more.

It didn't help that as time went on after these dreams started that he slowly realized his feelings for his protector and mentor were far more than what one should feel for a parent. Steve sighed as he rubbed at his eyes, his fur, slightly dampened from his recent shower, glistened in the light of the afternoon sun.

"God, I need to stop thinking about that," he mumbled as he sat up and glanced around the room for something to take his mind off of his current thoughts. On his right was a dresser and small bookshelf full of novels he read time and time again when he was sick or bored. Not feeling like he could get into reading, even his favorite book, he turned down that idea as he looked over to his left at his computer.

"Eh, might as well play a game or something." Getting up he stretched a bit before he strolled over to his desk and booted up the PC. Sitting down, he watched as the loading screen appeared then faded away; replaced by the log in screen, which too went away, and his desktop background took its place.

After letting everything load up he connected to the net and opened up firefox. "Let's see if I can get some stuff done," he said to himself as his hopeful distraction began loading and the word "Runescape" appeared. Logging in, he waited as the game loaded his pixilated character and environment onto the screen.

"Ok let's get this started." Opening a virtual bank he pondered what he should do.

"Crafting or rune crafting. . . . rune crafting'll be faster," he decided clicking on a round grey stone.

Steve sat back in his chair, his character ran across the screen, passing dozens of other players as he made his way to a circular structure surrounded by ruins. Doing the same thing, for what seemed like an hour, Steve had almost completely forgotten what his father had said until his friend, Pierre, sent him a message on MSN.

Stonecutter64: Hey! what'cha doing fuzz butt :3?

Sheprunner387: nothing much. Playing some Runescape training mah rune
crafting 8D

Stonecutter64: . . .

Sheprunner387: what? o.o;;

Stonecutter64: get off eeettttt

Sheprunner387: >.>

Sheprunner387: <.<

Sheprunner387: >.>. . . .no *goes back to playing*

Stonecutter64: but I got something for yea ;-;

Sheprunner387: what is it? O3O

Stonecutter64: just a few things I took while my mom wasn't here earlier ;P

Stonecutter64: crap I gotta go mom wants me to do something

Stonecutter64: I already sent them you should get soon

Stonecutter64: talk later

Stonecutter64: ciao ;)

Pierre went offline before Steve could reply. A small pop up appeared telling him he had received a new email.

"OK Pierre what did you send me?" Clicking on the pop up, he was directed to his email account, and began downloading the files his friend had sent him; each file loaded fairly quickly, Steve opened them up and immediately felt his cheeks heat up slightly.

There on the middle of his screen was a fennec fox leaning back in a chair wearing nothing, but the top half of the cop costume he had for Halloween that was opened up, showing off the white fur on his torso that went well with the light orange that covered the rest of his body. His hard pink shaft laid against his trim tummy while his balls rested between his legs; the white sack nestled firmly against the chair.

The next picture caused his sheath to swell up under the fabric of his towel, making Steve shift uneasily in his chair. He could feel his arousal growing, his cock slipping out of his sheath forming a tent in the towel, at new photo; his friend in varying positions from him showing off his body to him gripping his length.

Sitting back he unraveled the cloth around his waist, sighing as the cool air touched the sensitive skin. Wrapping his paw around his manhood he murred softly as he gave a light squeeze before slowly running his hand along his shaft. Making himself a bit more comfortable he stroked himself a bit faster as he used his free hand to change to the next image. Seeing Pierre positioning himself over a 6 inch dildo made his dick throb as pre formed at the tip and dripped down his member.

It wasn't long before he started to pant lightly from the erotic display on his computer; the familiar feelings of bliss ran through his body like waves at the beach. The musk he was producing hit his nostrils and only furthered his arousal as his knot began to flare up. The last picture filled the screen making him groan out at the sight of the fennec fox, taking the entirety of the toy into him, throwing his head back in a flat out moan as his seed covered his chest.

Steve closed his eyes while he teasingly grasped at his growing knot as he held the image there in his pleasure fogged mind. His thoughts didn't stay on that one image though; others began flashing through his mind, and one memory he refused to let himself forget forged its way to the surface. He recalled what had happened with ease as the recollection played it's self in his head.

It was of two months ago when he couldn't sleep, and heard a noise coming from the living room. Getting up he quietly opened his bedroom door and carefully made his way down the stairs, and found the source of the commotion. His father sat in his recliner in the dark pawing at a porn flick that was on. He could still picture his father perfectly sitting there in the light of the TV, his thick red cock pulsing in the air as pre cum drooled down the hot flesh.

Resting his head against the back of the chair he unconsciously moaned out 'dad' as he felt himself near his climax.

"Yes?" Steve's heart practically stopped when he heard his father's voice reach his ears and he heard his foot steps follow after before his chair was spun around, and Adam towered above him.

'I'm so dead, I'm so dead, I'm so dead' was all that Steve could manage to think as he stared at his dad, who's face had a seriousness he's never seen before.

"Are you going to answer me?"

"I...I umm....I...," Steve mumbled still in shock of being caught as an awkward pause filled the room as his body started to tremble. Glancing briefly between his sons' shrinking erection sliding back into its furry holder and his shocked expression, Steve's father broke the silence between them.

"So umm. . .I see you were 'thinking' about me huh?" Adam hesitated for a moment trying to think of the right words to say next. "You know, I think we should have a little talk."

"I've known about you being gay for a long while now and I'm fine with that but, you want to know something?"

Leaning forwards he moved his muzzle till it was next to his son's ear. "I've also known about you fantasizing about 'us'". Steve's eyes widened as he felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach.

"D-dad I can expla-mmff..."

He didn't know what happened next; he remembered his father's muzzle next to his ear then . . . he felt something pressing against his lips pushing his head back against the chair. It took a moment for his brain to register his father's head shifting from his ear to in front of his muzzle; their lips locked together in a kiss. His heart raced, beating hard in his chest, as his father's soft paw tenderly caressed his cheek.

'This is a dream isn't it? This can't be real . . . can it?' Steve doubted, but the heat from his father's lips, and his gentle touch put uncertainty to rest as he melted in the chair returning the kiss. He didn't know how long they kissed before his dad pulled his head back, but however long it was it was long enough to make them have to catch their breaths.

"Bet you'd want an answer for me doing that huh?"

"T-that might help me understand why you kissed me."

"...Well after your mother died last year . . . we've been spending a lot more time together, and well over time I started to notice certain. . . feelings I had for your mother, I started to have for you." Pausing he stroked his son's cheek with his thumb as he smiled softly.

"And after I overheard you dreaming about 'us' I've felt sort of relived, but just haven't known how to talk to you about it."

"R-really?" He couldn't believe what he was hearing, his father has had feelings for him all along?!

His father, chuckled leaning forwards, their noses almost touching making Steve blush a pinkish red. "Yeah but, I don't think your boyfriend would like it if we went any further." Steve looked at his father a bit confused from what he said.

"Boyfriend? But I don't have a boyfriend."

"Really? Then who's that?" Adam questioned pointing to the computer screen. Turning around the blush deepened in color realizing that the picture of Pierre cumming was still up for all to see.

"That's just a friend, he isn't my boyfriend, but from time to time he sends me stuff like that."

"Really now?" Raising an eyebrow a small smirk crept at the corners of Adam's mouth as his right paw moved from his face and slowly rubbed against his son's chest. "You're not with anyone ... o r at least haven't been with anyone yet?"

He wasn't dumb. He knew what his father was getting at and that made his face blush all shades of red as me squirmed slightly in the chair. "N-no I haven't."

"Well mind if I asked you something?"

"S-sure," he groaned a bit when his dad's large paw stopped at his sheath a stroked it gently.

"Can I be your first?" He didn't doubt his heart skipped a beat, maybe two, when his father asked that. He could feel his body heat up and his palms start to sweat; his breathing slightly irregular as Adam waited for an answer.

"I-I..y-you...yes," He stuttered before leaning forwards kissing his dad, catching his dad by surprise from his action. Adam chuckled as he pushed his son gently back.

"Hold on. Before we do anything mind if we moved away from this chair so we had more room?" A large grin was plastered on his face as he eyed the bed. Steve got the hint and nodded, both getting up and padding to the mattress. Steve sat down on the bed and his father leaned down, his paws on either side of his son's thighs as they resumed the kiss, while Steve was pressed backwards until he was laying down.

Both murred into the lip lock. Adam broke away only to kiss down his son's neck and down his body; Steve panted watching with interest. He could barely hear the tell tail sounds of metal buttons coming undone as his dad stopped at his plump white sheath. Carefully peeling off the blue cloth off his body Adam let his broad tongue run slowly up the soft furred flesh making it jump in response.

A low murr escaped Steve's throat as he watched his dad work on his emerging length. The new feelings running through his body as his father took the head of his shaft into his mouth and suckle on it made him immediately groan from the soft, wet warm maw on his cock. Gripping the sheets he lifted his hips from the stray paw sliding under his rear while Adam enveloped more of his member with ease.

Rolling his son's throbbing shaft around in his mouth Adam murred feeling it grow longer and thicken, the soft pumping against his tongue made him smile as a new taste of a slightly musky liquid began coating the inside of his mouth. Letting the cock slip from his mouth, he lapped across the head one more time before savoring the pre cum he had acquired before swallowing and going back to licking his son's hardened length.

"Ggghh..hhnnn..ooohh," Steve managed to groan between pants from his dad's continuing handy work.

"Take it you're enjoying this, huh?" Adam smiled gripping the throbbing shaft in front of his muzzle and pumping it slowly, the musky scent burrowing deep into his nostrils making his own member twitch.

"Mmmff...y-yeAAAHHH!" He cried out in a loud moan arching his back from his father squeezing the base of his dick on a downwards stroke. He managed to hear a chuckle from his father watching him wriggle his body trying to get more stimulation.

"Heh, well you can thank a few friends I had in college for my skills if you ever get that chance," lowering his muzzle his licked his lips as he rubbed his nose against the furry sac in front of him. "I got a few ideas I've been waning to try out so, I hope you don't mind if we try them out."

Carrying on stroking his son off he murred taking Steve's dangling orbs into his mouth and tenderly rolled them around with his tongue. Letting out a gasp Steve closed his eyes huffing and panting edging closer to his climax as his knot started to inflate again. Adam simply enjoyed the taste his son gave off, feeling the sac start to tense up and relax.

Letting the saliva covered orbs fall from his mouth while running his paw down the pre dripping shaft; Adam gave a series of light squeezes to the swelling knot, his son in turn letting out a whine in need getting ever closer to cumming.

"D-dad . . s-s-soo . . . fffhhh," Not getting much else out, Steve pressed his head into the bed as much as he could; his cock throbbing hard on his father's hand. Getting the message Adam sealed his lips around the heavy musk scented rod and sucked hungrily as he simulated a tie with his son's pulsing knot.

Steve's vision drastically blurred as he let out a moan that even the neighbors across the street could have heard; Adam sucked hard milking the shaft while using his tongue to block the cum from shooting down his throat, letting it collect behind his lips until the flow became a trickle.

"G-God . . . t-that felt great . . ." Steve sighed after regaining some ability to speak, his senses heightened in his afterglow. Through half lulled eyes he watched his father stand up, cum dribbling down his lips, as he started to unzip his pants.

"I-I guess it's your turn now, h-huh?" Adam nodded briefly letting his pants drop to the floor; Steve almost drooled looking at the large pre soaked tent that hid his father's rod from view.

Watching intently on Adam's movements Steve bit is lower lip lightly as the boxers dropped to the ground. Adam's ears twitched to the audible swoon coming from his son, who stared directly at his crouch as his pre formed at the tip and ran down the bottom of his shaft.

Gripping Steve's hip, Adam nudged him to roll over. Letting out a soft groan Steve got onto his hands and knees for his father; Adam brushed his son's tail away. Waiting Steve assumed his dad was going to take him then, but the short series of licks that came next made his arms shake and his upper body hit the bed.

Adam carefully lapped at the pink pucker; gripping his son's cheeks he spread them apart, letting him get better access to the tight pink cherry. Steve let out no more than incoherent mewls and babbles which, to his father only turned him on. More so when he puckered his lips up, breathed as much air he could through his nose and spat all the thick cream in his mouth into the relaxed ring.

It was easy to tell how good it felt to his son from the curled toes, suddenly tensed up body, and long deep groan. Pulling his muzzle back, he took a moment to lick his lips, the string of cum connected to his mouth and his son's ring broke in two.

"When you don't have lube on hand, go for the next best thing," he murred as he pressed a finger pad against Steve's tight saliva and cum covered tail hole, putting just enough pressure on it to barely let his digit inside.

'God he's so tight. I wonder he if can take me?. . .Well there's one way to find out. . ."

"Alright, can you stay relaxed for me?"

"I'll . . . try." Steve gulped as he did his best to calm his nervousness.

Being as gentle as he could, he slid his finger inside. Steve moaned to the new sensation as he instinctively clenched his rear; his shaft throbbed in the air with renewed vigor in response to the furred finger boring deeper into his hot tunnel. Adam took his time as he pulled his arm back, and pushed it forwards again and again until he was knuckle deep into his son's rear.

Steve panted softly while his father took all the time in the world pleasing him. He couldn't help nuzzling the bed sheets lightly feeling the finger leave him, and missing it for a moment before he felt it press against his rear again. This time however a second one was with it, and through his fogged mind he groaned as he was stretched knowing it was for preparation for his father's large length.

He didn't know how long his dad spent on stretching him, he lost track at some point and how many fingers were in him now. Tongue hanging out of his mouth and drool pooling at the corners of his lips Steve's eyes fluttered all the while he was being fingered. He could feel his father curl what digits he had inside him; hitting a spot that made him cry out in a moan; his cock began to pulse as pre spurted into a puddle on the sheets.

Whatever area his father was hitting he didn't let up and kept rubbing that one spot. Sparks of electricity flew up Steve's arched spine, while pressure built up in his loins from the intense pleasure. His body started to shake as he buried his muzzle into the bed, his moans and whines getting louder and higher in pitch as the onslaught continued.

His dad eventually stopped, and removed his digits one last time. Getting onto his knees Adam stroked his shaft spreading the oozing pre to cover his rod before leaning over his son and wrapping an arm around his chest.

Steve shivered feeling the heat of the canine shaft rubbing against his; the extra two and a half inches of it pressing against his stomach only reminded him of his dad's size and that he was about to take 7 ½ inches for his first time. His body was still shaking from what had happened, and he had little time to recover as he felt the hard length being shifted and the tip pressing against his twitching ring.

Adam was careful not to go too fast as he penetrated the hot tunnel which, even stretched the best he could get it, was still snug tight around his girth. His son mewled as he gripped the paw on his waist holding them close together. Moving his hips slowly forwards, being careful not to make Steve feel anything else but satisfaction, he had to stop from the vice like grip clench behind the head of his cock.

"Gawd! S-Steve, please . . . relax or this'll hurt," he grunted through his teeth, stopping and waiting for his son to loosen up enough for him to keep going. Nodding, Steve huffed lightly closing his eyes as he calmed himself down as much as he could. Adam kissed and nuzzled his son's neck waiting till Steve had relaxed enough to continue; giving his father the ok. A long bliss filled growl flowed out from Steve's throat as his nerves lit up in pleasure from the shaft moving deeper into him.

Resting his head on the bed Steve's breathing came out short and shallow. His dad's member gradually sunk inch after inch of his into him, he could feel it pulse inside him periodically as it rubbed against his walls. He never felt such a sense of 'fullness' before as Adam stopped and began pulling out at the same speed as him thrusting into him.

Licking the top of his son's muzzle, Adam made sure to intentionally take his time plunging his meat into the hot passageway; his son groaning in bliss filled ecstasy when the shaft hit his prostate. Steve's body immediately began to tense up and relax over and over with each spike forwards; his cock drooling fresh pre as his knot started to flare again.

"Wait . . . Fuahhh . . . s-stop . . . "Adam came to a halt watching his son lift himself up off the bed.

"I didn't hurt you did I? Are you okay?" Concern easily heard in Adam's voice.

"No, what you were doing was great! I just want to show you something." Steve turned his head to look at his father with a smile "Can you help me get on my back?"

"Okay," puzzled at what his son had in mind Adam griped Steve's legs he helped his son spin onto his back; both groaning from the shaft still lodged in Steve's rear. Lifting his legs up and resting them on his father's shoulders. Steve placed his dad's hands on his lower back as he leaned forwards. Adam watched with interest as his son's muzzle closed distance with the hard length on his stomach.

Pausing briefly Steve looked up at his dad with a grin. "You'll know when to start again," with that he, dived his muzzle down and slipped his tongue between his lips, giving a long lick to his shaft.

Steve seized hold of his father's hips to give him better leverage. He tugged his father's hips towards himself groaning from the cock moving inside him while he took his dick into his mouth. Adam kept staring at his son with curiosity as Steve sucked himself off; tightening his hold on his son's hips Adam murred as he picked up where he left off.

Hearing the noises his son was making, and seeing him work on his own shaft acted as a big turn on for Adam. Adding on how tight his son still was and the fact he hasn't been with anyone else for such a long time, he felt his own knot grow as it started to tug on Steve's rear each time he pulled out. Hearing Steve give a soft whimper he pulled him closer, he made sure his knot didn't slip out of the tight passage as his thrusts became shorter and faster paced.

Steve felt himself teetering on the edge of climax from the knot swelling up in his rectum, pressing firmly against his prostate as it pulsed lightly. His own cock throbbed painfully in his maw. Clutching his father's fur in his paws he found it impossible to hold back anymore as he moaned around his shaft and came. He never knew he could cum so much in his life as the hot thick liquid filled his muzzle quickly. Letting his cock out of his mouth gasping for air; cum spurted onto his torso filled the air with a strong musky scent.

Adam winced from the hot tunnel clamping down hard on his tool repeatedly driving himself almost over the brink. Thrusting forwards he held himself back as much as he could from climaxing. Using a paw to lift his son's chin he leaned forwards kissing him as deeply as he could. Steve was surprised by the tongue that had followed smearing the salty cum he was just about to swallow. Both held the kiss as long as they could; tongues dancing together while the strong taste of fresh seed scorched itself into their memory. Steve pulled away from the kiss panting hard as he swallowed what cum his father didn't take.

"W-wow . . . "

"Hehe, glad you liked it." Adam smiled warmly after catching his breath.

"I don't see how I couldn't like it . . . though . . .how have you not cummed yet? Was it good for you?"

Adam murred pushing his son onto the bed, "Don't worry I enjoyed it, but I wanted to shoot doing something unique."

As carefully as he could he turned around so he was on all fours, his shaft bent downwards still locked to Steve. Looking behind him he lifted his tail to the side and lowered his body as best he could.

"I want you to tie with me too, and I'd do it fast cause I don't know how long I can hold back."

"I'll try, but I don't know how long I'd stay tied to you," Gripping his very sensitive shaft Steve managed to force it to point it down towards his father's rear; Adam closed his eyes feeling the tip touched his ring. His son's cock was still pulsing making Adam murr as he pushed back. The throbbing helping in relaxing his entrance as it spread him open.

Steve's eyes rolled up from his shaft being surrounded by such heat, and he let out a small grunt as he tried to push more of his length into his father. Adam moaned pushing back, impaling himself on his son's cock, almost taking it all in at once, and feeling the good sized knot press against his pucker. Reaching behind him he used his pointer finger and middle finger, while pushing back to force the swollen knot past his tail hole and clenched as it locked in and his son together.

"NAAAAHHH!!!~" Steve cried out from his father rocking his body back and forth starting to shoot rope after rope of hot shepherd seed into his depths. Adam and Steve both groaned shuddering, enjoying the feeling of being locked to one another savoring their afterglows as they waiting for their knots to go down. Steve being the first to have climaxed was the first to untie, and his father followed suit after a few minutes.

Groaning as the shaft in his rear was pulled out, Steve suddenly felt weak and very, very tired from the ordeal. Crawling up onto his father's chest, they wrapped their arms around each other. Steve nuzzled his father's neck as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Before he did, though, he and his father both said one last thing to each other, before drifting off into a world of slumber.

"I love you."

i rly dont know

2010-12-19 02:35:10 by lucky223

hey guys :P

emit yrots

2009-12-21 15:02:13 by lucky223

"Where's Tamia?" said a man walking out of an old house.
"Oh, you know where she is." Said a women knitting in a chair. "She's off looking in thoughts caves; I'm telling you she's going to get lost in there!"
"Yes, but I think that help us being that we can only feed two." The man sat down looking grim.

"Oh, I've haven't been in that one yet!" said Tamia looking at a small cave hole in the wall. Smiles as she finds it a challenge getting into it. "Damn it!"
She finely gets thru it. "Wow!" looking at the smooth cave walls as most cave walls were rough and hard.
"Hmm, some type of herb must grow in here." Smelling a strong musk coming from somewhere in the cave, But that soon was pushed to the back of her mine, as she felt a growing problem.
"Oh god!" she soon started to felt wet and hot as if someone was rubbing her clit. She soon had her pants off and rubbing it herself. Then she heard something and jumped to her feet trying to pull her hand away from her clit but cant.
"Who's there?!" There was another sound, and from the roof of the cave came a rather small black dragon.
This was the only dragon she has ever seen, he was black with a reddish tent, and even his horns were black. His eyes were purple looking at her in lust, but that's when saw its erection, it was blue at the base but from then on it was all so purple.
It landed on her and dug its claws in pinning her to the floor. Growling as it rubs its erection on her body, its wings press agents her as he force his erection to probe her core.
"AHH!" she tries to force him off her but he just claws deeper in her forcing her back down. Soon she can't help herself and starts to moans in bliss. He starts to breaths heavy with anticipation as his erection slides forcefully into her core.
Forces his erection to slide in as deep as Tamia could hold. "Ohhhhhh!" She moans feeling him rub her inner walls. He growls in what is almost a moan as he draws back with forceful thrusts. All she can do is take it and take it she must.
Slides his long and warm tongue down her chest, ripping her shirt in the process, feeling his slimy tongue sliding all over her breast loving it all.
"YES!" sliding his tongue slightly over her nibbles with gentleness as his erection starts to pulsate. She moans Feeling him cum in her making her feel nice and warm in side.
Bites her neck filling her up as much as her core could hold as he continue to force it in and out of her not losing the erection at all, as soon n she cums later. Gasping as he Trusts more and more as he bites her nipple, at the same time as she pushes her clit into his hard cock making him moan more with a growl.
All of the sodden he pulls out and stalks around her staring intently. All she can do is lay there, unable to get up. He stands over her while wrapping his tail around her throat, putting his cum dripping erection up to her mouth, forces it all the way down growling with pleasure.
"Gahh!" Gags feeling it slide down her throat, tasting his cum and getting hotter sucking for more of the great taste. Moans with a roar digging his claws into the ground at the raw pleasure of her lips pressing for more on his thick erection. She sucks harder as her hand slides down to her clit. Roars in more pleasure as his tail lets go of her neck as it moves by her hand rubbing on her clit, not missing a beat she starts to bob her head up and down.
Grins as his erection slides in and out of her mouth, the cum that was on his erection dripping down her chin. The dragon starts to breath heavy as her lips bob up and down catching every texture of his erection, working him as harder as she can.
The dragon growls as he slides his tail into her. In return she moans sending vibrations up his long purple cock. Shoves his long purple rod as far into her mouth as he cum's hard into her mouth as it drips into her throat. Feels the dragon shot his load into her mouth she tries to swallows as much as I can but before long it starts to pore out onto her face. Soon after he was done cumming he slides his erection out and quickly slides his tongue into her mouth tasting the cum as well. She grabs his head and kisses him.
"Thank you!" she says as she feels him nuzzles his snout on her shoulder.
"No thank you." He said hissing.

From then on no one ever saw the women again.


2009-10-05 16:07:26 by lucky223

furrys ^.=.^


much better

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^.=.^ + =^_^=

much better

if i was a dragon

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id look like this only the red would be a red-purple

if i was a dragon

this is 1 sexy dolphin

2009-09-28 15:27:43 by lucky223


this is 1 sexy dolphin